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The Latest Numbers out of Zopa

According to Easier Finance

Source: PaymentsNews

  • Zopa has 135,000 members
  • Zopa lenders have received on average 6.75% before-tax annual return after fees and defaults
  • Zopa borrowers have obtained loans at rates as low as 4.2% APR
  • The current default rate is only 20 basis points, 0.2%

Zopa continues to create a huge buzz in the UK. Zopa.com links to 42 articles from a diverse range of publications, most recently The Sunday Times and The Daily Mirror.

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Google entering Social lending Market? [Unconfirmed]

"Several people at Google confirmed a rumor that by June 1st, 2007 the company will launch a social lending service that will allow members of social networks (myspace, linkedin, etc.) to lend and borrow. This step by Google would make Virgin acquisition unlikely to succeed."

Source: http://www.geeklike.com/google-after-virgin-will-enter-p2p-lending-space/

Source: http://unrumor.com/stories/view/Google-After-Virgin-Will-Enter-P2P-Lending-Space

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